flowering of cannabis

All the people planting the cannabis plants in their door would surely be excited to know about the flowering stage of the plant as the most awaited day in their planting experience is near to their anticipation. As one of the responsible owners, one has planted the auto flowers for the cannabis plant and is visualizing their daily growth from a seed to a sapling. We have brought here the best predictions of the auto-flowering of the cannabis mentioned by Plant Sily, who are the prime experts in the field. One can also find more here about the benefits of planting marijuana indoors.

Growth is the prominent factor affecting the plant growth
The owners of cannabis plants can watch the growth of the plant. During the early stages of the extension, only a single leaf comes out, which is later followed by the white pistils which come out from the root. As time goes on, one can see the growth of the stem and increase in the number of leaves in the plant.

Bud weight is significant
The owners have to check the flower bud weight of their plant. The importance of the bud goes on increasing with time. One can also adjust the flowers in such a way that the fat flowers stay at the top of the plant. One can also optimize the growing techniques like

  • Defoliation
  • Super-cropping and
  • Topping

Yellow leaves are a healthy sign
The owners can check for the yellow leaves on the plant. The growth time for the different parts of the plant is different from one another. People who find yellow leaves can go with the flushing process, which mostly includes the fan-shaped sheets.

In the flushing process, the owners have only to provide water to the plant and also have to restrict food to reduce the sugar levels in the bud of the flower, which can adversely affect the taste of the final product.

Analyses of the trichome color
To analyze the trichome color of the plant, the owners can use the digital camera or a magnifying glass.

One should also not ignore the trichome volume
The increased number of trichome volume is the prominent sign of the maturity of the plant.

Monitor the water usage of the plant
The water usage is the best way to find the nearing time of the harvesting period. One can predict the nearing time of the harvesting period if they can see too much water and moisture is present on the soil of the cannabis plant.

The shape of the leaves
As the plant is near to maturity, one can check the way of the leave curling and die in a downward direction

Plant experts
One can also follow with the person from whom they purchase the plant for the flowering period

Plant pistils
The growth of the pistils also impacts the maturity of the plant.