Natural Birth Can Benefit Your Babies

Pregnant women always plan for natural birth as it gives them an opportunity for unmedicated, invasive free and natural birth of their little ones. This decision is best left to the mother for the wellbeing of the baby. The modern society is experiencing more of pain-free labor, due to reasons like birth complications, medical condition of the mother and the baby or simply as an option. Women who are confident and want to avoid interventions find natural birth the best choice. The role of a birth coach is to educate the mother on the advantages of natural birth both for the prospective mother and the child. A growing number of women of childbearing age are unaware of the benefit of natural childbirth and need to be educated; can be helpful in this regard.

The modern society has mechanism births that most of us forget that birthing does not need any assistance. Pregnancy, labor, and childbirth are designed, and the body of the women is adapted to accept these changes. The only need for c-section is to save the life of the mother, and the baby in case a complication arises. According to the World Health Organization, it happens only in 10-15% of the cases. The remaining 85-900% are perfect cases for a natural birth, as it can benefit the mother and the baby immensely. Planning a natural birth is the safest and the most advisable choice for the two.

Benefits of natural birth
The baby breathes normally: The baby produces a stress hormone called catecholamines. It is produced during threatening situations. It helps in respiratory adaptation particularly when the baby is born. The process begins by increasing the amniotic fluids absorption in the lungs and escalating surfactant production. The latter helps to keep the lungs inflated once the baby is out. During contraction of the uterus, the baby’s chest is compressed, and the fluid in the lungs is expelled, so allow the baby to breathe normally once born. While in a C section the respiratory distress is four times. During induced labor, the baby experiences respiratory distress.

Strong immune system: A good immune system protects the babies from diseases. The immune system in the newborn is immature. During a natural birth, catecholamines are produced that supports the baby’s immune system protecting it from infections. Moreover, breast milk is loaded with white blood cells safeguarding the baby further.

Increased energy level: The blood sugar level in the baby drops as it no longer receives nourishment from the placenta of the mother. Natural born babies are protected from low sugar conditions like brain injury. Catecholamines increase the glucose levels stabilizing the glucose levels in the baby.

Increased oxygen level: Natural born baby is protected from low oxygen levels. Inducing drugs for labor results in frequent and strong contractions, resulting in oxygen and blood depletion to the baby.

Improves bonding between mother and the baby: The newborns during natural birth are wide-eyed and bond with the mother better. The baby is initiated breastfeeding furthering the bond.

Natural birth has immense benefits when compared to c-section but if you prefer the latter take the advice of the doctor.

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